Friday 29 June 2007

Tracking latest rail expansions

* NUMBER of Dart carriages has increased from 80 to 154 in past seven years.

* Dart trains are now eight carriages instead of six at peak times.

* Commuter rail carriages increased from 44 to 180.

* New Docklands station opened in March ahead of schedule, clearing the way for expansion of west Dublin commuter services.

* Work is under way on doubling the tracks on the Kildare line, opening up new high-frequency commuter services.

* New rail station opened at Adamstown in April to cater for thousands of new homeowners.

* New rail station at Phoenix Park almost completed. Due to open in September.

* Rail services between Dublin and Cork now run every hour, instead of less than every two hours.

* Some 183 high-speed rail carriages are being rolled out on the Dublin-Sligo route in August and shortly afterwards to all inter-urban destinations.

Irish Independent

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