Monday 25 June 2007

Marine terminal gets go ahead

Dublin City Council has granted planning permission for a Solvent Waste Marine Terminal in Dublin Port.

Indaver Ireland sought planning permission to upgrade an existing solvent storage tank located opposite their existing waste facility. The company submitted a planning application and Environmental Impact Statement in April 2007.

The Marine Terminal will be used for bulk storage of solvent waste - unsuitable for reuse, recycling or recovery - prior to monthly shipment abroad for incineration. Bulk transport by sea and the diversion of over 100 road tankers per month will bring transport efficiencies and environmental benefits.

Currently, there are limited facilities in Ireland for the management of waste solvents. Over 100,000 tonnes of this waste was exported in 2004 - the majority by road tanker.

According to the company, the Marine Terminal will enable it to offer its customers a more environmentally-sustainable and cost-effective treatment solution for waste solvents.

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