Monday 18 June 2007

Planning sought for Carnew Church land, County Wicklow

The Celtic Tiger is well and truly alive in rural Carnew, with the local Church of Ireland select vestry hoping to cash in on the property boom by developing four apartments on church land.

While the traditional image of select vestries is of organising fetes and coffee mornings, the group at the All Saints Church in Carnew are currently seeking planning permission for a four-apartment development in Lower Main Street, Carnew, on the site of the old parish hall.

An application for an eight-unit development from the same group last year was refused by the Wicklow County Council.

Select vestry member Harold Young said the main aim of the project was to raise funds for the church.

It is a very good way of raising finance,' he said.

Mr Young said the church had redesigned the development to meet the council's concerns over last year's larger proposal.

It's still a very early stage,' he said, and it can be very hard to get planning (permission).'

Wicklow People

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