Thursday 29 March 2018

Hundreds of boom-builds are unsafe, say experts

This article from September 2013 shows how these problems are not going away.

Hundreds of apartment blocks built during the boom around the country could be as dangerous as Priory Hall, fire safety experts have warned. Many apartment complexes share the same problems identified in the Tom McFeely-built block of apartments in north Dublin. And fire safety inspectors who have been called to examine blocks say owners and management companies are "burying their heads in the sand" over the dangers. One expert in the area of fire safety said last week that not only were residential buildings potentially dangerous, but so too were schools, healthcare premises and office buildings that went up in the boom era. When asked to give an estimate of the number of potentially fire-hazardous buildings that were built during the time, the expert told the Sunday Independent: "No one knows, but hundreds, certainly hundreds."

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