Saturday 24 March 2018

The 'Metro North' is now the MetroLink - here's what it'll look like

These are the plans for the MetroLink – a north-south train that will run between Swords and Sandyford. The current plan is for the route to run overground along the Sandyford to Charlemont Green Luas Line, and then run underground. Luas users who wish to continue north will have to change at Charlemont. The high-frequency, electric rail service is planned to be open to the public from 2027, and is estimated to cost €3 billion, although this is subject to change as the final designs haven’t been confirmed. At a press event today, the National Transport Authority (NTA) said that the plan is the “emerging preferred route”, which would not be the final route. The NTA says it’s open to other proposals. The plans show that the train will cater for 15,000 passengers per direction per hour, and could carry up to 50 million passengers per year.
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